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Our talented, up and coming performers come from all over the US. Some are from Nashville, while others hail from areas like Detroit or even New York. Who knows, the song that we create today may be done by someone who in the future becomes a big star. You would then own an early works personal song performed by a famous star making your customized song not only priceless to you, but also a valuable collectors item.

To get started, just send us a little information and a photo, and in about two weeks you will receive a CD or cassette personalized with your recipients photo on the cover and a copyright to your own song. If it becomes a hit you own the royalties!

Compose A Song
Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, I Love You, I'm Sorry, Take This Job, Hooked on You, Wedding, Retirement, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Newborn, Graduation, Divorce


Here's your opportunity to tell your story, say it in a song, and make it a gift that will always be remembered! We work with several talented song writers and recording artists that are all ready to help tell your story.

Don't settle for a computer generated song or a sound-a-like when you could have a song written and performed by talented artists Just for You!

Our musicians are some of the best you'll ever find! Although there are vast differences among all of our talented artists, they all share one thing in common...MAKING GREAT MUSIC...FOR YOU!

We are here, ready and waiting to make your number one hit for that special someone!


Shannon is an incredible vocalist! He has been playing guitar since he could walk and singing his heart out since he could talk! Shannon is pursuing his music career. Shannon is thirty-five years old and loves hunting and fishing. Shannon is often heard saying, "I believe you can be about as happy as you are determined to be." Shannon strives to be the best as anything he sets out to do. Don't be surprised if you hear this talented man on your radio very soon! But, until then, he is loving every minute at Tweety Tunes, helping us to make the finest music for you!


Jason Jones is one rowdy cowboy who loves to sing. Jason is twenty-four years old, loves to entertain a crowd and always keeps the folks on the edge of their seats. Jason is an extremely talented young man who is one of the finest vocalists with Tweety Tunes.

Tell us your story and let Jason sing it for you.

Trina Lee has a passion for writing and that is evidenced when you hear the songs she has written for us at Tweety Tunes. Trina is twenty-six years old and loves to sing, write and entertain. She loves humorous songs and country music. Trina has been a full time staff writer at Tweety Tunes for almost two years.

Order your personally written song today, she won't let you down!


Robert is a self described music biz fanatic! He's been in it since the second grade when he played his uncle's snare drum for show and tell. Since then his accomplishments have been many. He's done several albums with Larry Santos, sang with David Teegarden (Bob Seger's drummer), worked with Bobby Lewis and the Crackerjack Band and currently works with the famed Detroit area band, Benny and the Jets. He has composed and perfomed commercials for many different companies and composed and performed music for the TV show "Hot Fudge".

We are proud to have him with us here at Tweety Tunes where he will be creating personalized songs for you.

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plus $4.95 Shipping and Handling

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