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custom songs - 29.95      Samples Of Our Custom Songs

Let us tell your story, we'll create the song! Listen to samples of some of the songs that we've written and recorded for others. Then provide us with some of the details that you would like to have included in a song written and recorded just for that special someone. We'll create a new song just for you and for them. A personalized song from Tweety Tunes is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Special Girl Growing Up
Listen To Sample

Do you have that special little girl in your life. A daughter, grand daughter or niece, that just seems to be growing up so fast. This song captures those feelings and lets you express them to that special little girl in your life. This makes a great gift for any occasion, to show your love to that special girl.

Birthday Song

This particular song was written for a father who wanted to tell his little girl how 'special' she was and not to embarrass her .... After all she was turning nine .....    So how to do this was the question.....   Give this small sample a listen and see how we did.... P.S.   We e-mailed Miss Lauren and asked for her permission to play just the intro on our new web-site. After some thought, she e-mailed us back with this response.  

"Dear Sir, if you play just the intro to the song does that mean you are leaving out the part about my pretty blue eyes and long blonde hair??"   .....

Oh well "girls will be girls"   

With details provided by you, we will create a personalized birthday song that is sure to be cherished.

Wedding Song

The bride to be, wanted a special gift for her groom...She enlisted us to write a song dedicated to the the lady who rasised him...his Grandmother! Listen to how we incorporated the details provided by the bride, into a musical gift and a song that could be danced to at the reception.

New Baby

What a wonderful gift! A song written just for new parents, grandparents or anyone in relation to a new baby that was just born. It's a song telling the little one just how special he or she is. It will forever lock in that special day. It's something for that baby album. It keeps those memories forever. It might even come in handy when he or she reaches those teen years! Everyone will treasure this unique keepsake.

Click to Order your personalized "New Baby Song"


Tell that graduate how proud you are of him or her with a unique gift song. Know someone that baked the best cake, bowled a great game or deserves recognition for just about anything? Give us some details of why you wish to congratulate someone. We'll put it to music with a song created just for them and for the reasons that you're honoring them. This is a special gift that shows how much you care and just how proud you are of their achievements.

Click to Order your personally written "Congratulations Song"

Love Songs

With information that you give us, we'll write a song about your love for the person receiving this gift song. Tell her how 'hooked on her' you are, from her laugh to her smile...... tell that special man you're hooked on his charm and style. Your very own love song is sure to put a huge smile on the face of the person receiving it as a gift. Just answer a few questions and let our talented musicians put together a lovely song for you to give to that special someone.....

Tell us your story and let us put it to music!

Click to Order your personalized "Love Song Now"

Birthday/Love Song

What a wonderful birthday idea. Your personalized birthday song is sure to be a hit whether it is played at the birthday party or just between the two of you. Traditional gifts, balloons or a card won't compare to the joy this song will bring to the birthday girl or boy. Whether she is turning sixteen or he is turning seventy-two..... a custom created song is perfect for any male or female who wants to express love to that special someone who is turning a year older......Make this birthday an extra special one that will not be forgotten when you provide the details of that special persons life and we put it into a musical gift song!

Click to Order your personalized "Birthday Love Song"

Birthday for a Friend

Whether your best friend lives hundreds of miles away or just next door a personalized birthday song, written just for them, is sure to be treasured for many years. Let us help you tell your friend how special he or she is on their special day with the personal details provided by you. A cake with a name on it doesn't even compare to a song with their name in it! Just answer a few questions and let us help you make this an extra special, extra personal, birthday for your friend.

Click to Order your personalized "Birthday for a Song"

Anniversary Song

What a one of a kind gift..... If it's just their first or their sixtieth anniversary imagine their surprise when they hear their life's love story come alive in music and song. Let us take them back in time to that special first date, and through the years until now... this special anniversary.......    Send us a brief history with special details, and let us do the rest....

If you are the husband and are thinking of this for a gift, the best is yet to come when you can give her that special look "And you thought that I forgot"

Click to Order your personalized "Anniversary Song"

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A Tweety Tune is only $29.95
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